Project information page

As of 1st November 2022 the COST-network starts.
First, WG plan and WG budget should be agreed upon.

So, HealthIDea could be an ideal platform to easily introduce ourselves before the actual start.
In the future we can also use HealthIDea as an accesbile repository for the description of healthcare systems, more specifically the policies regarding cancer screening in the different countries.

Creation of a sustainable network of researchers involved in intellectual disabilities, cancer prevention, epidemiology, health sciences, social sciences, education and other adjacent fields, engaged in knowledge exchange.

2. Establish the ‘state of the art’ in terms of national and cross-national co-produced knowledge base, and explore how this could be of benefit in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

3. Development of a research agenda exploring where the current challenges lie and what targeted research projects and initiatives would be of most benefit to tackle them while being responsive to the unique needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

4. Promote new collaborative funding applications from network members including national and EU funding opportunities in the area of cancer prevention strategies.