Terms of use

Services of HealthIDea

HealthIDea provides a platform on which information about the health and health care of people with intellectual disabilities is provided, and can be exchanged by visitors. HealthIDea is not liable for the acts of omissions of its visitors, including the information they provide. HealthIDea therefore makes no guarantees with regard to the content of data made available by its visitors.

Permission to participate on HealthIDea

By creating an account on HealthIDea, you agree to the HealthIDea conditions (printing errors and imperfections reserved) and you can choose whether you give permission to use your provided data for scientific purposes.

You have been able to think carefully about participation and have been adequately informed about HealthIDea and the research aim(s) of the project(s). You have carefully read the information on HealthIDea (and any information texts prior to your visit to this platform) and have been given the opportunity to ask questions about the platform. Your questions have been answered satisfactorily.

If the research results based on information displayed on this platform are used in scientific publications or are otherwise made public (for example in a presentation), this will be done completely anonymously. Your account name and email address will not be visible to persons other than the project leader(s), moderator(s), and researcher(s). Your data will not be viewed or shared with third parties.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by terminating your participation, without giving any reason. Your personal data can be deleted. You need to log in and change your consent settings. The research data you add to the platform cannot be deleted, as these are interwoven with the contributions of other visitors. This way, your contributions cannot be traced to you alone.

HealthIDea observes the ethical guidelines for research. The different projects may have been approved by a medical ethics review committee (METC) or by an Ethics Committee, for example the Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc), the Faculty of Social Sciences (ECSW) from Radboud University (RU), or another institution.

Create an account

To participate on the online platform, you must create an user account. For this, certain information is requested, including username and email address. You warrant HealthIDea that the information you provide is accurate and complete. You agree that HealthIDea has your information associated with the management of your account. You will not grant others access to your account. You are responsible for the use of your account and access code even if others use your account, with or without your permission.

Misuse of HealthIDea and consequences

You warrant to HealthIDea to use the country codes only if you are authorized to do so and that you act in accordance with these Terms of Use. In addition, you warrant that you will comply at all times with these terms of use and applicable laws and regulations, as well as the rules provided by HealthIDea.

It is not permitted to modify, edit, copy, or distributes one or more part(s) of HealthIDea without HealthIDea’s permission, including but not limited to data from HealthIDea and/or its users, the underlying methodology, techniques, and functionality of HealthIDea and the security measures taken by HealthIDea.

The following activities performed on HealthIDea are contrary to the Terms of Use: activities that

  • Have a commercial character without prior permission from HealthIDea;
  • Have pornographic, violent, hateful or offensive content;
  • Contain viruses, Trojans, worms, bots, or other software that may damage or delete automated work or data, that make it unusable or inaccessible, or that are intended to circumvent technical protective measures and/or HealthIDea’s systems;
  • Limit and/or hinder the use of HealthIDea in any way.
HealthIDea reserves the right to immediately exclude a visitor from any further use of the platform if the visitor acts in any way in violation with these terms of use or the Dutch law. HealthIDea can take further legal measures and may demand compensation for this. HealthIDea reserves the right at any time to remove information or material from the platform without giving any reason or advance waning and the right to deny users who have posted this information access to the platform.


These terms of use, the disclaimer, and privacy statement can be modified at any time. If one or more provisions from these terms of use are void or are destroys, the other provisions remain in full force. Dutch law applies to all disputes arising from the use of HealthIDea.

Contact details

If you would like more information about HealthIDea, please contact the relevant project leader, who can be found on the relevant project page. General questions, comments, or complaints about HealthIDea can be send to healthidea.elg@radboudumc.nl.